090612 – Friday

090612 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:

Heavy Deadlifts!!!

Find your 1 Rep Max!

Metcons are great but going heavy is a ton of fun too! Especially when you get to see everyone realize how much stronger they actually are!


Elizabeth new PR! (with help from cheering section)

IMG_3099Charissa new PR (by a lot!!!)

IMG_3102Carly new PR!

IMG_3101Danny almost at the top of a huge PR!

IMG_3100Peanuts 425# New PR and new gym record!(and incredible expression!)

IMG_3108Johannes over 300# and new PR!

IMG_3111New guy Colombus looking solid as well! Since it was his first night I’m not sure what his old PR was but it looks like a ton of weight!

IMG_3113Muscle Up Mike new PR with a little help from his friends…

IMG_3115Leah PR at 193#!!!!

IMG_3119Laura too!!!

IMG_3117Hilary crushing another PR!
It was an awesome night. I wish I had photos of everyone but everyone was just smashing their old limits so quickly that I needed about 4 cameras just to keep up…and that’s a good thing!

See you all Friday!