090616 – Tuesday

090616 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Heavy Snatch!

This is a really awesome workout if you haven’t done it. It doesn’t appear to be much on paper (and who is writing anything on paper anymore anyways?)…but to perform the snatch properly aka the fastest lift in the world it takes a large combination of CrossFit’s 10 skill and fitness domains. All of that wrapped up in one explosive and powerful movement. By the end you’re wondering why you’re covered in sweat and ‘all you’ve been doing is single rep lifts’…well if ya don’t know then now ya know!

IMG_3158From the ground and into the hang …IMG_3156and extend the hips and start to flip the arms over…

IMG_3164IMG_3160Then get under that bar…IMG_3170Take it to the bottom of the squat…

IMG_3174And stand it up!

Who can do olympic lifts? IMG_3157Everyone…

IMG_3159Even new guy Matt learned to do this on his first day!

IMG_3171Yeah no matter what we do it will WORK YOU!!!

See you all Tuesday for something completely different.