090617 – Wednesday

090617 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:

5 Rounds for Time.

7x 135/95# Thruster

15x Pull Ups

200 Meter Medicine Ball Run

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This workout was pretty hard/awesome. Plus we had an 800 meter medicine ball Indian run warm up…good times. We’re just trying to make sure that we’re not lying when we say ‘You’re Workout is Our Warm Up’!

IMG_3181Yes it is a warm-up. Yes it is awesome. Yes you can do it if you want to!

IMG_3184IMG_3187Then some Med Ball Sprints. Why? Why not!

IMG_3192Working on the bottom of the Over Head Squat…

IMG_3195And onto the Work Out!!!

IMG_3194Great job Rachel!

IMG_3196Josh said that 135# Thrusters were too light…why not 155#! Yeah we can accommodate that too!

IMG_3203IMG_3207Keleigh came in 1st place today in the WOD partly because she completely got after it on the Med Ball Sprints! Great job girl your hard work and consistency have been paying off!

IMG_3204IMG_3209Tyler partnered with Josh so he decided to go up and hit the 155# Thruster too. You just don’t have that type off motivation when you’re on your own working out…but in here anything is possible!

IMG_3215Great job Simon!


IMG_3217You may ask ‘Why?’ Eventually I’ll ask ‘Why Not’!

IMG_3218The ever growing 5:30 class proved just as fun!

IMG_3220IMG_3224IMG_3221Lenny’s been hitting up the Thrusters a lot lately…and it shows in his improved form and work capacity!

IMG_3226Way to rock it Padriac!!!

IMG_3234Steven coming out of the bottom of the Thruster…

IMG_3219and Carly finding the top!

IMG_3225IMG_3230IMG_3237IMG_3227New guy Matt did amazing on his first of many many WOD’s with us!

IMG_3229IMG_3241Dinos rocked the 8pm class tonight. No matter when you drop in there’s a group of cool people ready to sweat with you!

IMG_3244IMG_3246We just keep going and going and going…IMG_3251IMG_3249IMG_3253IMG_3257Awesome post WOD flop!

IMG_3259And finish up with a little bit of L-Sit Holds…Yeah it was another Great Night at CrossFit North Hollywood!

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