090623 – Tuesday

090623 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:


150 Wall Ball Shots (20#/10#) to a 10′ target

For Time

Post times to comments.

It’s always the workouts that don’t seem like much…


We did this workout about 2 months ago…and saw some huge improvements in the scores and new PR’s (Personal Records) everywhere.

Measuring your fitness level is an integral part of CrossFit. We’re constantly tracking your progress to make sure you reach your goals…and I think it’s working!

IMG_3374IMG_3384IMG_3388Load extend release recover! The stages of wall ball.


IMG_3380And a little finisher…another great day of CrossFit!

See ya’ll Tuesday!

And don’t forget our new classes starting the second week of July:

As our family grows so do our classes…

Wednesday July 8 6pm class!

Thursday July 9 12:30pm class!

We’re also about to start another Saturday class. Stay tuned for details!