090624 – Wednesday

090624 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:

5 Rounds for time.

30x each leg box switch taps

20x each leg weighted box step ups

10x each arm see saw press

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This was a pretty cool invention from Kris switch taps balance on the ball of the foot step ups balance and press through the heel stabilize and press…plus…go as fast as you can! Fantastic!

IMG_3396New gal Lucy on the switch taps…

IMG_3410Michelle on the box step ups…

IMG_3434Greg on the see saw press…

IMG_3424Peanuts on the floor! IMG_3403Clare always has the best expressions!

IMG_3417Awesome job on the split taps Kathy!!!

IMG_3401Marcos making it up for another step up!


IMG_3414One more rep!!!

IMG_3427Fantastic Leonard!

IMG_3426Great job Ana!!!

See you all Wednesday for something completely different!