090707 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

Skill = Clean & Jerk.

The Work Out = The July Challenge. (Ever literally lifted a ton?!)

Take your body weight, and attempt to clean and jerk that amount until the reps add up to 3000# for men, and 2000# for women.

For example, if you are a 200# male, you would try to Clean & Jerk 200# 15 times (200 x 15 = 3000). If that’s too heavy, scale it down, but the weight should still add up to 3000/2000#, you’ll just do more reps.

Congrats, now you’ve lifted a ton!

We’ve recorded everyone’s times and weights for this WOD, so now in the beginning of August we’ll try it again and see how much CrossFit North Hollywooder’s haveĀ  improved!
[wpvideo Ce4KHHGN]