090714 – Tuesday

090714 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:


100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

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Angie is a little different type of a beast. You must complete your 100 pull ups (or how ever many you decide to scale it down to) before you can begin your push ups and so on…yeah your muscles are going to be a hurting! And yeah you know you like it…

DSC05585New gals Lindsay and Melina jamming through their push ups…’real’ push ups too!

Here’s a really cool video of the final workout at the CrossFit Games. This WOD is enough to put anyone on their butt and these people did this after 7 previous workouts over 2 days…Fittest athletes in the World? You betcha.

[wpvideo agUrzMnz]

courtesy CrossFit.com