090728 – Tuesday

090728 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:



Thrusters (95/65#)

Pull Ups

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‘Frantastic’ job on ‘Fran’ last night. Tons of PR’s tons of people finally going as Rx’d tons of improvement and yeah tons of hard work and awesome results!

This one will put you on your butt in 6 minutes or less…but keep you there for about 20 minutes more…and then have you coming back for more the next day!

5334_508371443816_142500150_30345474_5631526_nAfter a week of vacation Leah finds the top of the Thruster and goes as Rx’d!

5334_508371418866_142500150_30345469_1461985_nDinos moving in a blur to get back to his bar after crushing the pull ups! Every second counts!

5334_508371398906_142500150_30345465_1815667_nThe early class getting their ‘Fran’ on!


IMG_0355Carly started painting…

IMG_0356and kept painting…

IMG_0357and threw on a little more paint…

IMG_0363And shazahm! Pretty awesome!

IMG_0364And then Charissa celebrated the new wall logo with her first single handstand hold!

See you all Tuesday for something completely different!