090804 – Tuesday

090804 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

Skill: Max Height Box Jump


Run 400 Meters

50x Med Ball Clean/Wall Ball

Run 400 Meters

30x Med Ball Clean/Wall Ball

Run 400 Meters

20x Med Ball Clean/Wall Ball

Run 400 Meters

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An awesome way to start off another week at CrossFit North Hollywood. Some amazing improvements in people’s box jumps….and yeah even got a few people to land that 50″ jump! Incredible!!!

IMG_0390Quite the jump…all the quad extensions in the world can’t help you get up here…just functional movements!

IMG_0394Just ask Steven: 51″ box jump! Fantastic!!


IMG_0396But not quite!

IMG_0391Meanwhile new guy Raphael nails his 51″ jump! Incredible!

Once again great job great improvement all around…you don’t have to jump 50″ to do CrossFit…but CrossFit is pretty much the best way that you’ll improve your jump (AND all the other areas of fitness that are so important)!

See you all Tuesday for something completely different!