090812 – Wednesday

090812 – Wednesday

Our July Challenge Revisited!

Our monthly challenge for July was Dutch Lowy’s Challenge: Clean & Jerk your body weight until that adds up to 3000# for men and 2000# for the ladies. If you can’t do your own body weight scale as necessary and make that weight add up to 3000/2000 (you’ll have to do more reps!). Keep track of the time it took you.

Well this week we’ve been seeing if we can beat our original time from the beginning of July…

And WOW! I’ll have to double check the scores when I post them later today but I believe we’ve had a 100% improvement rate…and not just by a little. We have had several athletes that have literally reduced their workout time by half…meaning they’re moving the same weight…twice as fast! Incredible. We’ve had athletes that have improved so much they even re-did this workout a second time with heavier weight…and still beat their original time from July! Incredible!!!

And it’s not like this is the only workout we did for the entire month…we didn’t sandbag it…only Functional Movements have this amount of transferability towards other Functional Movements. The proof is right there. You can do all the bicep curls you want but it won’t help you jump higher. Functional Movements a Positive and Encouraging environment great Athletes to do Workout with…What are you waiting for?

Congrats everyone…Get ready for the August Challenge…L-Sit Holds  for time anyone?

IMG_0371Stefan lifted 3000# from the ground to his shoulder to overhead in under 4 minutes! Fantastic!!!