090815 – Saturday

090815 – Saturday

Saturday’s WOD:

Birthday WOD for Tom turning 29 and Peanuts turning 30!

“Wonder Twins”

29 x Virtual Shoveling (45#/25# on a barbell)

29 x Single Arm Dumbell Snatch

29 x Kettlebell Swing

30 x Overhead Walking Lunge (45#/25#)

30 x Power Clean (135#/95#)

30 x Trap Burners (With a Kettlebell)

Run to the corner & back (140 meters) after completion of each exercise. Post time to comments.

Tom & PNutz made this WOD up themselves…pretty awesome. I’m sure the 20 + people in our new & popular 10am class would agree!

Don’t forget: new schedule starting Monday August 24.

New Schedule Membership Special: 12 Months Unlimited CrossFit:  $799! CrossFitNoHo@gmail.com/ 818-635-6264

n142500150_30353904_7994443The 2 Birthday Boys getting their L-Hang on!

n142500150_30353804_4948755They even dress alike…Happy Birthday guys from everyone at CFNH!!!