090819 – Wednesday

090819 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:

Skill: Muscle Up Transitions.

WOD: 200 Ring Push Ups for time.

Every time you  have to break do a Farmer’s Walk (with Kettlebells) to the corner & back (~80 meters).

Scale as necessary: 200/150/100 ring push ups regular push ups knee push ups…whatever you can do…even put your feet on a box and do ring push ups: Righteous Ring Push Up!

Post time to comments.

Great job on this one everyone! It was pretty hard but you all literally pushed through it! Fantastic!!!

[wpvideo owzwlYjE]

This is an amazing video about our AMAZING CrossFit Community…and if you look closely you can even see our Head Trainer Kris through out it!!!

Courtesy CrossFit.com