090904 – Friday

090904 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:


Clean: 1-1-1-1-1


“Don’t Drop the Baby!”

Partner WOD. Each team of 2 must carry a 25# sandbag the entire workout without it touching the floor (and no putting it down on a chair!).

200 Meter Partner Carry (while your partner carries the baby)

50x Squat

40x Kettlebell Swing

30x Walking Lunge

20x Box Jump (24″/20″)

10x Burpee

For time.

You can split up the work any way you want. Be creative and most importantly be quick!

Post partner & time to comments.


Sandbags…Step 1.

IMG_0481Step 2.

IMG_0484Duct Tape is Step 3.

IMG_0492Step 4. Sandbags are complete!!! Now throw them into an already Constantly Varied routine and what does it make? More FUN!!!

And don’t forget Friday is Happy Hour Day…and now that our CFNH Record Board is up I know lots of you are going to try and get your name on it! Good Luck to Everyone!!!

Finally we’ll be closed on Labor Day (Monday September 7) for our 7am and evening classes. Want to work out? We’re having a 12:30pm WOD/Party!!! Please bring your family & friends to workout with our family & friends!!!