12:30pm Only on Monday (Labor Day)

What’s up everyone! We hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day weekend, and doing lots of active stuff that CrossFit helps get you ready for, you know, LIFE!

So, a final quick reminder, Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) we are only having our 12:30pm class. It’s gonna be a big ol’ fun one, and a great chance to meet other CFNH’ers from the 7am and evening classes; the ones you normally only get to hear tall tales about their performances.

So be there if you can, bring friends & family if you can, & BYOB if you can.

Have a great holiday weekend and we’ll see you all soon!

8417_132149200307_617550307_2982886_7744797_nOur people REALLY LOVE CrossFit! Here’s Michael B (aka Peanuts) doing a handstand before one of his buddies weddings! What CrossFit thing did you do this Labor Day weekend? Post them to comments…and yes, they’re all CrossFit things if you do them right.