090908 – Tuesday

090908 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

“Labor Day Team WOD”

15-12-9 (or 21-15-9 if you can convince your teammates)

Rower (calories)


Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Wall Ball

Box Jump


Pull Up

For Time.

In teams of 7 you cannot move to the next station until Every Person on your Team has completed the station they are at. But…you if you finish your station early you can come over and help your teammates out by taking some of their reps and completing them…but then don’t bonk on your next station!

This one was a ton of fun! CFNH always has a blast with our special Holiday and Event WOD’s. Come check us out you’ll find out why CrossFit is a on more fun to do in a group than by yourself!!! 9627_1212546628339_1068968270_682977_4439421_nA quick view of some of the indoor stations with Brooke getting ready for another Sumo Deadlift High Pull!

9627_1212546708341_1068968270_682978_1108986_nAnd Great Success!

9627_1212547228354_1068968270_682983_6632306_nAs soon as they regain the energy to move the party is ON!

9627_1212547748367_1068968270_682989_4321378_nYeah we LOVE working out!!! Do you love working out or want to love working out? Then come on by CFNH and see what all the fun is about!