Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser Pics!

Hey everyone!!!

The Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Research and the Wounded Warrior Project was a huge success at CrossFit North Hollywood, and at CrossFit gyms all across the world! We are so happy and privileged to be a part of the amazing event and awesome community!

Below are a few pics we managed to snap off on our iPhone during the day…but I promise other people, armed with much better cameras have much better pictures. Those will be up here shortly. If you are one of those people with said better photos from said better camera, please email them to: or tag them on our FaceBook page:

IMG_0354Some of the crew that was awesome enough to stay until the end of FGB4!!

IMG_0345Peanuts getting those last few points on the rower…and for a PR of 342!

IMG_0325Awesome job, Leah!!!

IMG_0327How many CrossFitters does it take to do a box jump? Post thoughts to comments.

IMG_0352After hitting an out of this world score of 400, Steven promptly laid down in the middle of the street on his back. Here is the aftermath…and yes, it was worth it!!!! 400!!!!!


IMG_0355Great job once again everyone! And don’t be afraid to email or post those photos 🙂