091002 – Friday

091002 – Friday

Busy busy week at CFNH! Rocktober is a great time to get Fit with us! Lots of cool activities coming this month so get on over to CrossFit North Hollywood and be a part of the awesome awesomeness!


A little Hand Stand fun after class!


Grace relaxing after a killer workout!


Jaron looking a little too happy to be done with the WOD 😉


Gavin found a great resting place after the WOD…

6924_136881494541_676024541_2557130_5710053_nEveryone’s proud of Dinos for lifting some ‘light weight’!!!

6924_136881459541_676024541_2557123_383641_nTyler makes sure Todd has perfect form during the Level 1 class!

6924_136881474541_676024541_2557126_2214941_nCaroline did a great job using the Rx’d weight for her workout!!!

6924_136881444541_676024541_2557120_7245487_nJosh making it to the top of the deadlift with excellent form!

6924_136881374541_676024541_2557109_288156_nHead Trainer Kris helps Tyler show everyone proper kettlebell form…

7923_509074584716_142500150_30375523_324760_nWall Ball excitement…

7117_1217566768772_1516965442_595223_3059506_nBen brought his parents from Kansas by for a workout…

7117_1217566328761_1516965442_595212_6864921_nAnd we made them feel right at home 🙂

6924_135369209541_676024541_2543644_1002779_nBrooke got the first dead hang pull up of her entire life…and was pretty freaking stoked!!!

6924_135370054541_676024541_2543652_3641752_nand finally Superman got the first Bonnie pull up of his entire life!

So yeah a great busy sweaty week of CrossFit at CFNH…just like all the others!

See ya’ll soon for more ‘fun’.