October 2009 Announcements!!!

Events & Announcements:

October, 2009.

1. Monthly Challenge: Your Diet!!!

CrossFit NoHo October Challenge: Paleo Zone for 30 days

“Your body will thank you”

We recently had 2 of our CrossFit North Hollywooders become CrossFit Nutrition Certified, and they were awesome enough (just enough) to put together a completely new Monthly Challenge for everyone:

This is the month to change the way you eat! Leah and Laura will be available for any and all questions/ information regarding the Paleo and Zone diets. Monday 10/5 is DAY ONE! Start it out right! We will be at the 730pm class with some packets. If you would like one but wont be able to attend please email us at paleoblocks@gmail.com. We will have measuring tapes, scales and cameras to take pictures for the ‘before’ if you want! :) Hope to see you there!

2. To celebrate the beginning of Fall, the coming end of our absolutely amazing first year, and to help get everyone back on the CrossFit path to Fitness, we are offering a 12 month Membership for just $949. First come, first serve, and we’ve only got 2 of them at this price! We have other affordable monthly membership rates if the special doesn’t work for you right now. CrossFitNoHo@gmail.com/818-635-6264.

3. For the Month of October, try out our very popular ‘Level 1 CrossFit’ class for just $10! And, when you become a member, we’ll apply that $10 towards any membership you choose! Monday @ 5:30pm/ Wednesday @ 6:30pm/ Saturday @ 9am.

4. Event: Canyon Run! Sunday, October 11, CrossFit North Hollywood will meet at Runyon Canyon’s North Entrance at 11am.

North Entrance — 2.6 miles east of Laurel Canyon Blvd. on Mulholland Drive.

If you’re free, we’d love for you to join us!!!

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