091007 – Tuesday

091007 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD’s:

Level 1 & All Levels:

A) 1x Strict Press

2x Push Press

3x Push Jerk

Go up in weight until you can no longer complete the complex.

B) 500 Meter Row Test

C) All Levels Only:

Max Reps of Overhead Squat (45/33#)

Post results to comments.

Monday was also the beginning of our October Monthly Challenge. This month we chose nutrition! Just like any CrossFit workout the challenge can be scaled to everyone’s own need and ability. The main choices were to go on the Zone Diet the Paleo Diet or some combination of both. Everyone wrote their monthly goal on the Monthly Challenge Whiteboard…Accountability!!!! We’re all in it together! There were lots of different goals as well as an excellent presentation by our members Leah and Laura who both are now CrossFit Nutrition Certified! For more information on CrossFit and your diet either come in the gym or visit www.paleoblocks.com

If you missed Monday night’s Nutrition Presentation or would like to a consult and measurements with Leah and Laura please come in Saturday at 10am and we’ll do it all again!

7923_509141565486_142500150_30378373_8272629_nNew gal Felicia doing a great job on her Push Press!!!

7923_509141605406_142500150_30378381_30901_nLaura getting psyched up for a PR…

7923_509141570476_142500150_30378374_7801431_nAnd nails it!!!

7923_509141590436_142500150_30378378_2854422_nGreg & Dinos killing it on the rower! Yeah Buddy!!!

7923_509141645326_142500150_30378388_8097934_nYeah we love to work out!!! Do you want to love working out? We’re here when you’re ready!

7923_509141680256_142500150_30378395_6548466_nAnother great night at CFNH! Tons of new PR’s (personal records they’re like a currency at our gym!) and tons of great people to share them with!!!

See you all Tuesday for something completely different…