091016 – Friday

091016 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:

Skill: Headstand & Handstand Rolldowns Kip Ups

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

5x Deadlift (275/185#)

15x Push Press (45/25#)

Post times to comments.

This is an awesome variation on a WOD from the 2008 CrossFit Games in Aromas CA. How did your time/weight stack up against the World’s Fittest? How can you improve your performance for next time? Post thoughts to comments.

DSC00066Bryce getting a little headstand spotting from Ed & Josh…

DSC00067Keleigh helping Erica do the same!

DSC00074Just ‘like a cheetah’ Stefan pounces on his WOD.

DSC00078Neil getting out off the bottom of the deadlift for another successful rep!

DSC00079And Greg at the top! Awesome!

DSC00080Kelsie finding the top of the deadlift just fine with help from her counter/motivator Jill!

DSC00082Maya’s starting to become a little bad ass herself…with the support of one of the original CFNH bad asses Leah!

DSC00085Mark says full extension requires a lot of intensity! Way to get that rep buddy!

DSC00088Leah had the fastest time of the day for the Ladies and did the WOD with a deadlift of 153#! Incredible!

DSC00090Just like her shirt says Des’s deadlift is AWESOME!

DSC00092Great job Jill! Getting better every workout!!!

DSC00099End scene.

Great job gang! See you all Friday for Happy Hour! What WOD will you conquer?