091020 – Tuesday

091020 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD:

“The Sissy Test!”

Kettlebell Swings (35/26#) & Burpees.

20/1 (20 KB Swings 1 Burpee)



1/20 (1 KB Swing 20 Burpees)

That’s right. 210 of each movement! I’m not sure where this WOD got it’s name from…but it left quite a few of us on the floor in a pool of our own sweat! Satisfied…heck yeah!

Scale this workout appropriately. 210 of each movement is A LOT!

1/2 Sissy Test: Only the even numbered rounds meaning 20/2 18/4 16/6 etc.

Mini Sissy Test: 10/1….1/10.

Post scaling and time to comments.

Oh and as always AWESOME JOB CFNH! We’re so very proud of you all!

DSC00155Rage Ball a CFNH Favorite warm up!

DSC00156Coaches Tyler and Kris showing our ever growing Level 1 CrossFit class the proper set up for the Sumo Deadlift High Pull.

DSC00161“The arms go last!”

DSC00169New guy Ed does a great job going heavy on the SDLHP!

DSC00171And now time for the WOD…

DSC00174Kettlebell swings & Burpees…sounds simple enough…

DSC00186New gal Lisa does a great job going overhead on her first day!

DSC00191Chip & Gopal bringing the intensity!

DSC00194Awesome job Shannan!

DSC00204Melina getting some advice from Tyler…and setting a new PR!


Great set ups lead to great results!

DSC00214Abraham going heavy and finding the top of the SDLHP!

DSC00218Jill rocking the overhead KB Swing…and she’s no sissy.

DSC00222Pnutz…probably one of the most photogenic CrossFitters ever…

DSC00226DSC00229Basically throw yourself to the floor and then pick yourself up…then do it again…and again…

DSC00231Fantastic job Kenyatta!

DSC00145No sissies here…

DSC00151And this is how it generally ends…on the floor…but RIPPED!!!

Yes it IS worth it!