091022 – Thursday

091022 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD:

Level 1 CrossFit


Medicine Ball Clean

Review of Movements for the Work Out of the Day (WOD)


“Death By Cards”

As a class all together.

Clubs = Squat Thruster Burpees

Diamonds = Lemon Squeezers

Hearts = Striders

Spades = Air Squats

Joker = 400 meter Run

Scale Appropriately.

All Levels CrossFit:


Turkish Get Up


As a class all together.

Clubs = Squat Thrusters into SDLHP

Diamonds = V-Ups

Hearts = Striders

Spades = Goblet Squats

Joker = 400 meter Run

The gym that sweats together sticks together!

DSC00234Nezir getting those fingers on the toes at 5:30!

DSC00239In 2 months I’m sure Ed’s hands will be all over those toes!

DSC00246Even Geneva likes our workout music…

DSC00250Learning the Medicine Ball Clean at 6:30

DSC00262Rex gets some serious air on his burpee!

DSC00261New guy Ken got a serious dose of CrossFit last night! Great job Ken!!!

DSC00256“What’s a Lemon Squeezer?”

DSC002647:30 class learning the Turkish Get Up!

DSC00268Jumping Squat Lunges…aka “Striders”…Good good times.

DSC00273Great job ladies…way to finish with the elbows high!

DSC00278Goblet Squats…

DSC00274Yes…more striders…

DSC00282Great job Tom!

DSC00284I love this photo of Colin…right in the middle of the action!

DSC00287And this last one is because Daniel desperately needs a new FaceBook photo! You’re welcome.

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