091023 – Friday

091023 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:





30 x 135/95# Snatch.

Olympic Lifting. No movement is better for making explosive athletes than the Snatch. Large load? Check. Moved quickly? Check. Gotta love CrossFit!

DSC00289Warming it up!

DSC00338And stretching it out…this WOD is INTENSE!!! But the good thing is that intensity is where the results are…and everyone loves results!

DSC00292Shirts optional…

DSC00299Superman kept his eyes closed for bonus points!

DSC00301Tyler did awesome…and got a new PR of 180#!

DSC00310After passing out her ‘Free Hugs’ Christina kicked this WOD’s butt! Connection? I think so!

DSC00307Come on Bonnie…you can Do It!

DSC00329Way to get that lock out Mark!

DSC00330David’s using CrossFit and the Snatch to help him get bigger stronger and faster for Ultimate Frisbee…why are you doing CrossFit?

DSC00333Abraham is getting better at CrossFit every single time he comes in!

DSC00334Check out Kathy jumping that weight up!!!! Awesome!

DSC00335Plank holds…Yay plank holds…

DSC00342A month ago Eric couldn’t have done the 45# bar…tonight he freaking pwnd it!!!

DSC00346Yeah that is FAST!

DSC00347Great lock out Maya…a month ago she was hesitant to hold weight overhead now she’s throwing it around like it owes her money!

DSC00341Great job tonight everyone! Great job on the PR Laura!
See you all Friday for HAPPY HOUR!!!