091029 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD:

Level 1




Scaled “JT”



Ring Dips

Push Ups

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All Levels


Weighted Pull Up




Hand Stand Push Ups

Ring Dips

Push Ups

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Odd Fact: In the US a pound of potato chips costs 200x more than a pound of potatoes.

DSC00608We told Ed that after this workout he wouldn’t be able to lift his arms up to shampoo his hair…guess who was correct?

DSC00609OGJP…gaining more initials by the day. If he keeps rocking those ring dips I’ll even add a few more..

DSC00611We’re very glad Steven’s back…not so happy about constantly fighting over 2nd place in most WOD’s…but very happy he’s back!

DSC00614WTF Brian…possibly my favorite nickname.

DSC00618Jill says ring dips are tough for her…but not for long!!!

DSC00623New guy Mike did excellent on the press…

DSC00641As did new guy Ike!

DSC00646Coach Tyler’s doing a great job helping everyone get Fit! In fact he’s doing so good he’s gonna start leading the Friday 7am class!

Wanna get broke off? I suspect you should be there!


The KB clean & jerk!

DSC00659And a little “figure 8 back to the heart”…We <3 Kettlebells!


Abraham killed this WOD…and ended up in 2nd place on the CFNH record board with a JT time of 10:08!

DSC00660Silly CrossFit is good CrossFit!

DSC00661As Rx’d…

DSC00666Or Scaled…no matter where you are we can help get you to where you wanna be!

DSC00633New gal Susan got some Work Done!

DSC00645Measurable improvements? Head Coach Kris makes sure that everyone’s scores times loads reps and movements are carefully accounted for each class! So the next time you hit up a WOD we’ll be able to SHOW YOU how much you’ve improved!!

See you all Thursday for something completely different (and completely awesome).

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