091103 – Tuesday

091103 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD’s:
Level 1


Push Jerk


Teams of 2

3 rounds each of:

7x one arm db jerk (each arm)

14x lateral jump

21x sit ups

All Levels:


Push Jerk 5-4-3-2-1


Teams of 2

3 rounds each for time:

7x one arm db snatch (each arm)

14x lateral jump (24″/18″ hurdle)

21x Knees-t0-Elbows

While one partner works through the round the other must hold 2 db’s fully extended overhead. If the db’s are dropped from overhead both partners must do 3 burpees before resuming the WOD.

Post partners loads and times to comments.

Interesting Fact: Charlie Brown’s father was a barber.

DSC00923Big day at CFNH yesterday! Our ever growing 1230 class just added 2 new athletes! What a ‘warm up’ circle!!!

DSC00926New guy Josh did a great job handling the 1.5 Pood KB!

DSC00929What in the world? CrossFit always has something new for ya! Single arm KB swings while your partner holds DB’s overhead. Good good times.

DSC00940New guy Frank staying strong…and hoping his partner Eric finishes the round with no extra burpees!

DSC00943Yeah Buddy!

DSC00945Great job Daniel & Bryce!

DSC0094718 athletes at our Level 1 CrossFit class…and yes we’ve got room for YOU to join us!

DSC00950Gopal rocking the 2 arm swing!

DSC00951Coach Kris held this position for 12 minutes… 😉

DSC00952Chris has been with us for almost 2 months now and is starting to pack on some muscle as well as get Super Fit! Great job!

DSC00958How can you not get results with a class full of people working so hard? Oh that’s right you HAVE TO get results!

DSC00961WTF Brian Graig & Nicollete hoping their partners can go just a little bit faster!

DSC00964CrossFit athletes can do ANYTHING!

DSC00965Coach Tyler killed this WOD…and that’s after he set a PR of 265# on the Push Jerk! Incredible!

DSC00967New guy Wade aint so new to CrossFit. He just moved to the area but has been training at Team CrossFit Academy for quite a while. We’re very happy to have you as a part of our Family Wade! Welcome!

DSC00975Getting some WORK DONE!

DSC00977Yes Cristina shows it is possible to smile and workout at high intensity!

DSC00976Josh balanced on the rope for 13 minutes. Not bad I only got 11 minutes…

DSC00978Awesome job Ladies!

See you all Wednesday for something completely different!