More Halloween Party Pics!

More Halloween Party Pics!

October was an awesome month at CFNH! We had our first Nutritional Challenge, coordinated by CFNH members Laura & Leah! It has been an amazing experience, one that we’ll sure be doing more of in the future. If you would like further information on improving your diet, health, &  fitness, please visit

We had our first Sunday run @ Runyon Canyon. Stay tuned for details on the next one, coming this month!

Finally, our EPIC Halloween WOD. They will be talking about it for a  while. And by they, I mean us. Now, by popular demand…more photos!

13438_509404004556_142500150_30388140_2023324_sCFNH member Bryce carved this awesome jack-o-lantern for us! If you look closely, the teeth spell CrossFit and the O is a kettlebell! Incredible!

DSC00784Uncle Sam wants YOU to CrossFit.

DSC00797CrossFitters are just a bunch of clowns…

DSC00798Speedy Gonzalez has the fastest Front Squat ever!

DSC00811Yeah, we went for a run like this!

DSC0082840 people snatching in costumes…pretty freaking cool!

DSC00830I don’t even know what to say here…

DSC00835Too funny…Saturday was a laugh riot!

DSC00852How does Popeye stay so strong? Well CrossFit & PaleoBlocks of course!

DSC00856Halloween Burpees!

DSC00848Remember that kid from the Blind Melon video?

DSC00866WTF Brian is one jacked baby!

DSC00873I don’t think they did KTE’s in Jazzercize.

DSC00875This…Is…CrossFit North Hollywood!

DSC00880Laura is taking the monthly Paleo Challenge very, very seriously.

DSC00887Jacky Moon/Will Ferrel aint got nothin on us!

DSC00890They don’t call  the WOD “Death By” for nothin…

DSC00893The top half is NOT a costume.


DSC00902“Adults are weird”

DSC00911A great party…great people…and great CrossFit.

DSC00808Good times.