091104 – Wednesday

091104 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD:


Pause Front Squats 4-3-3-2


Power Clean & Wall Ball





Post Loads & Times to comments for both Pause Front Squats & WOD.

Interesting Fact: Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy.

DSC00983To everyone’s delight Coach Kris  did eventually achieve lift off.

DSC00985The wall squat…making me realize my glutes and hammies need to get stronger since January 2009.

DSC00994Lil D doing a great job coming out of the bottom on her Pause Front Squats!

DSC01003Pretty dang good Nezir! And look at those elbows…almost parallel to the ground! That’s gonna make for a big squat clean!

DSC01007New guy Nick did awesome on his first class! And how could he not with focus like that!

DSC01011So first of all we have 2 JP’s in our gym. Second of all they HAVE TO partner together. New Nickname Convention results:

J Pizzle is showing an awesome improvement on his Front Squat  while OG-JP keeps an eye on his form.

DSC01016Fantastic job Cristina!

DSC01014WTF Brian elbows high! Great job!

DSC01021OG-JP welcome to the bottom of the front squat!

DSC01024And now time for the WOD!

DSC01033Power Cleans & Wall Ball…what’s not to love?

Excellent job CFNH!

And don’t forget the end of our October Nutritional Monthly Challenge is here! How did you all do?

For post Challenge results: measurements weigh in photos please come by the gym Wednesday Nov 4 between 630p & 730p class Thursday Nov 5 during the 8pm class or Saturday am between the 9& 10am classes!

Exciting new announcements to come later this week…so stay tuned!