091106 – Friday

091106 – Friday

Thursdsay’s WOD

Skill: Back Squat


5 Rounds for time

12 Right arm KB/DB Power Snatch (53/35#)

12 Left arm KB/DB Power Snatch (53/35#)

12 Push Ups

25 Double Unders

Post load & time to comments.

This is a great one from the CrossFit Football site. Their short powerful workouts make for a ton of fun…and great results and improvement for increasing your work capacity!

Interesting fact: In England the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak.

DSC01070Not only does Keleigh show us an awesome back squat…But…SHE GOT HER FIRST PULL UP!!!

Keleigh’s been with us for about 6 months and has been busting her butt!

And now she can friggin do pull ups! Needless to say she was just a tad excited! Congrats!!!

DSC010361230 fun!

DSC01045New guy Frank brought even newer guy Shane in to check us out! Man that’s an awesome friend!

DSC01047New gal Thais looks great after yet another Power Snatch!

DSC01049LSD is so outdated (Long Slow Distance)…it’s all about explosive movements as Josh & Bonnie show!

DSC01054Kenyatta’s learning the butterfly kipping pull-up…and his scores are gonna show how much more WORK he can do!

DSC01057Not bad not bad at all!

DSC01062Lil’ D’s finally starting to throw some weight around! Awesome!

DSC01078With the new gym approved shoes OGJP is definitely going to make this lift!

DSC01072With a good helper and tons of determination Mark is getting STRONG!

DSC01066CFNH <3’s Kathy!

DSC01079Tyler’s been taking his nutrition and the monthly nutritional challenge very sersiously…and it shows with a 315# back squat for a set of 3! Incredible!

DSC01087Yes CrossFit WILL get you in the Best Shape of Your Life!


DSC01098I don’t know why I just love this photo.

DSC01097And this one too!

DSC01102Dinos gets stronger every time I see him!

DSC01103Yes Pnutz that is full depth.

DSC01110www.paleoblocks.com check it out!

DSC01117Josh is starting to throw around some serious weight!

DSC01143A great Thursday at CFNH…

DSC01144See you all Friday…

DSC01140For Happy Hour!