091109 – Tuesday

091109 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD

Level 1 CrossFit:

Skill: Deadlift

WOD: “Helen”

3 Rounds for time

400 meter run

21x KB Swing

12 Pull Ups (or Assisted Pull Ups or Ring Rows)

All Levels CrossFit


Deadlift 5-5-5

WOD: “Helen”

3 Rounds for time

400 Meter Run

21x KB Swing (53/35#)

12 Pull Ups

Post thoughts times & scaling to comments.

Interesting Fact: The names of Popeye’s four nephews are Pipeye Peepeye Pupeye and Poopeye.

The End of the Year Challenge has started! Post the amount of days you will commit to each week for the rest of 2009 to comments (and to the Monthly Challenge Board in the gym). Together we can finish this year off right!

For more photos of “Helen” check out our FaceBook page…the entire roll is posted there: www.facebook.com/cfnoho

DSC01190Afternoon Deadlifts…look at all those flat backs & neutral spines!

DSC01193Shoulders behind the bar at the top!

DSC01192Great job Reyna!

DSC01191Frank’s starting to throw some weight around!

DSC01196At CFNH you can deadlift a lot…

DSC01195Or be on your way to lifting a lot! Great job Cristina!

DSC01198Awesome job on ‘Helen’…”now I didn’t have a stop watch with me but I’m pretty sure it was under a minute!”

DSC01203DSC01212This wasn’t part of the WOD…but it’s fun to play around after class!

DSC01213Todd’s helping the Level 1 Class get their Deadlift on…and is getting STRONG doing it!

DSC01216Seriously…Everyone Should Deadlift!

DSC01223Mother/Daughter Ring Rows! That is seriously too cool!

DSC01225And now for the ‘light weight’ portion of our post…

DSC01228Muscle Up Mike…good to have you back!

DSC01235“Was my form Perfect?”

DSC01234JPizzle’s smiling because not only did his Deadlift get a ton better…but he can finally do full range kipping pull ups…and is now in 4th place on the “Helen” record board!

DSC01246See what I mean!

DSC01249Tom is showing a perfect ‘American’ Swing…completely overhead with the KB pointing straight up ear in front of the arms and biceps next to the head! Fantastic!

DSC01255Yeah…another great one at CFNH! PR’s everywhere…I’ve got to go in early to redo the record board…and that is a GOOD THING!

See you all Tuesday for something completely different.