091114 – Saturday

091114 – Saturday

Friday’s Happy Hour results!!!

Choose any WOD you want! Post your completed work to comments.

Happy Hour is such a hit at CrossFit North Hollywood. Some athletes are even getting 2 or 3 WOD’s in a class…incredible!

Interesting Fact: Lightening strikes about 6000 times per minute on this planet.

There were really 2 groups at CFNH’s Happy Hour Tonight.

1. The Murph Heads

2. The Dead Heads

Each group rocked some LEGIT PR’s.

One group was able to walk home. Walk very funny home.

The other groups walked home but we’re not sure whose house they ended up at. If you see Steven WTF Brian JPizzle or Pnutz please call 818-635-6264. They shaved some serious time off their ‘Murph’ up to 20 minutes…and we hope they’re ok 😉

DSC01322Tom a Dead Head hits a PR! 330# awesome.

DSC01327JPizzle did ‘Murph’ 2 weeks ago. He did great but I told him that for a fully legit attempt at a CrossFit WOD we have to enforce full range of motion on EVERY rep.

Did JPizzle take this the wrong way and get frustrated?

DSC01328No he busted his butt moved to an Unlimited CFNH Membership and crushed it. He even made it on the record board and  no one makes it on the record board without some LEGIT reps! Congrats bro!!!

DSC01333There is some truth to the rumor that Steven cancelled his online CrossFit score keeper membership and now just keeps all his scores on our record board.

He did ‘Murph’ the most bad @$$ way there is…20# vest. And did it all in 35:20. Yes you read that right!


DSC01348Tyler had 2 PR’s today. 225# OHS at the 7am Happy Hour then 380# Dead at the 5:30pm Happy Hour…

That’s what we call a good day.

DSC01330WTF Brian & Pnutz each took ~ 20min off their previous ‘Murph’ times.

Quantifiable results. Yes they are a TON fitter!

DSC01349I honestly thought I was smiling. Smiling from a 370# dead PR. That’s the last time I try to show emotion…

DSC01350Fantastic Happy Hour by everyone!!! Lots of other great WOD’s done today…but those 2 groups were pretty funny!

See you all Saturday…AND Sunday @ 4:30pm!!!