091117 – Monday

091117 – Monday

Sunday’s WOD:


Pull Up Progressions: Kipping Chest to Bar Belly Button to Bar Butterfly etc.

WOD: AMRAP IN 20 Minutes

5x Clapping Push Ups

10x KB Swing

15x Sit Up

Awesome job on our first ‘Official’ Sunday WOD! As we grow so does our schedule. We started off with just 4 classes a week in January and now we’re up to 23 awesome group classes each week…50 classes a week here we come!

Interesting Fact: In Texas it’s against the law for anyone to have a pair of pliers in his or her possession. (is this really true? really?)

This Sunday WOD was a hit! Tyler did a great job and it was an awesome way to end/start the week!


Here’s the Whiteboard! Not bad for our first official Sunday class. Expect more of this to come in the future…We LOVE working out we love training we love CrossFit!