091118 – Wednesday

091118 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD


500 meter Row Projection Test

Take your 500 Meter Row goal time (aka ‘I wanna row 500m in 1 min 30 sec).

How long can you keep that pace up on the 500meter row time projector on the Concept 2 Rower?

You get 3 attempts!



DB/KB Hang Squat Cleans


Go Heavy…but there is a 15 minute cap on this WOD. We want you to push yourself to the max so scale appropriately!

Post times & load to comments.

Short powerful workouts are where lots of gains are! Interested in improving your mile run? Well running more long distance won’t bring you the results you want. The same is true with our daily skill which was the 500 meter row…one way to try and improve is just to keep doing what you’re doing and hope eventually you reach your goals. You could load up 200# on a barbell and keep failing at pressing it hoping one day to get that overhead. OR…you could go with a weight you can press improve your technique and overall power output through constantly varied workouts and work your way up towards your goals. Don’t just jump on strap in pull off 500 meters and hope you hit your mark. 500 meter rows are pretty painful…so build your skill and then Crush It!

Just sayin…

Interesting fact: McDonald’s salads can contain up to 60% more fat than their burgers.

Did you find that interesting? Then check out www.paleoblocks.com and have your mind friggin blown!

Stefan did great on this CrossFit Football WOD…partly because he played D1 Football at Bucknell!

The 500 meter Row Test Projection was almost worse than the 500 meter Row Test…almost.

After Monday’s bout with “Tabata Something Else” a little pre WOD stretching was definitely in store.

Fantastic job on this short powerful WOD everyone! Nearly everyone finished in under 15 minutes and that’s exactly what we were looking for.

See you all Wednesday for…well I think you know by now.