091130 – Monday

Sunday’s WOD:


Hang Power Clean



12 Minute AMRAP

7x DB See Saw Press (each arm)

7x DB Box Step Up (each leg)

7x Sit Ups

Post load & rounds to comments.

Interesting Fact: Approximately 100,000 people get married in Las Vegas each year.

Another awesome week at CFNH…November is almost gone, but don’t let the end of the year chaos get you off of your fitness goals. Remember, CrossFit is much more than a workout, it truly is a way of life. If you’re having trouble staying on your ‘End of the Year’ Fitness Challenge, meet with one of our Coaches and ask them for advise. They’ve been there, and they’re also CrossFitters, meaning they’re living this stuff too! Let our Community help you stay focused and motivated when it would be all too easy to drift away and have no one notice at an impersonal Globo Gym…not at CrossFit North Hollywood!

See you all Monday for something awesome!

And don’t forget, we’re adding our Sunday at 10am class….This Sunday! Coach Bonnie will be leading it, so you know it’s going to rock!

We’re also getting ready to add a specialty Endurance class in early 2010! Here’s an awesome video of 2008 CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa and CrossFit Endurance. Post thoughts to comments.

Courtesy CrossFit.com:
[wpvideo r3qOzxVR]