091216 – Wednesday

091216 – Wednesday

Tuesday’s WOD


1 Press

3 Push Press

5 Push Jerk

4 sets. 1 set is done without placing the bar in the racks and with the same weight. Go up in weight each set.


3 Rounds 1 minute Per Each of 3 stations.  1 minute Rest after the end of the circuit. No rest in between each station only at the end of each Round. 1 point for each successful rep.

1. Knees to Elbows (Sub 1. Knee Raises Sub 2: Sit Ups)

2. Bumper Plate Burpees  (Sub 1: Regular Burpees Sub 2: Squat Thrust)

3. Hang Power Cleans (Sub 1: Med Ball Cleans Sub 2: KB Swings) (teach HPC during Skill for those who don’t know it.

1 point for each successful rep. Max points wins.

Post loads and points to comments.

Interesting Fact: Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

Don’t forget…Party Friday @ 7pm…and an exciting announcement!!!

See you all there. No class this Saturday at 9am…let’s keep it real. No one is getting up that early after our awesome party (and exciting announcement) on Friday night. We will still have our 10am.