091217 – Thursday

091217 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD


5 Rounds for TIme

400 Meter Run

30 Wall Ball (20/15#)

30 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Post time & scaling to comments.

Another benchmark down. Sometimes people like to lead up to the benchmarks you know do some ‘focused training’ and then when they’re ready try and get a really good time on a specific WOD and sometimes that’s fun…but only part of how CrossFit works. Sure we have goals for everyone both long term and short term. We’re also training for the unknown and unknowable which is why we have these seemingly random workouts. So even though we’ve been doing more short powerful workouts lately partly because gaining strength takes longer for most people than the rest of our 10 areas of fitness we still have to rock the long WOD’s too. And you know what…there were PR’s everywhere. Everywhere. If you train hard in CrossFit your physical and mental abilities are much greater than the sum of the time you’ve spent on WOD’s.

Don’t believe me? Come on by and find out for yourself. Knowing is half the battle?

Party Friday Night at 7pm to late. Bring friends & family. Plus…the ‘announcement’ is getting closer. Come Friday night to find out what it is…

Interesting Fact: If you make a post saying there is an ‘exciting announcement’ at a certain time pretty much everyone will try to find out what it is early! Good try everyone but CrossFit has greatly improved my ninja skills and I’m sworn to secrecy (also I’ve forgot what it is).

Great job yesterday Will & Mark!!!