091228 – Monday

091228 – Monday

Sunday’s WOD:



5-5-5-5-5 (aka 5 Across same weight each set)


‘Grace-a-Bel’ (part Grace part Isabel)

With a barbell using the same weight for each movement:

For time;

21x Clean & Jerk

12x Snatch

Post load & time to comments.

Interesting Fact: The symbol on the pound key (#) is called an octothorpe.

Last week of the year coming up…and what a year it was! Don’t forget this week we have a regular schedule…except for

New Years Eve: 12:30pm Only!

New Years Day: 12:30pm Only!

Things get busy at the end of every year but make sure you take care of yourself! Get in the gym and sweat! It’s not just good for you it’s also really really good for you!

We can seriously teach anyone to squat…so what’s your excuse? 2010…the year of no more excuses!

Time to get CrossFit!!!