091231 – Thursday

091231 – Thursday

12:30pm class only on Thursday (NY Eve) and Friday (New Years!) New schedule starts Saturday!!!

Wednesday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Medicine Ball Clean


20 Minute AMRAP

10x Med Ball Clean

10x Push Up

10x Sit Up

Post rounds completed to comments

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Front Squat

5-5-5-5-5 (going up each set)


For time.

50x Sit Ups

50x Double Unders

50x Sit Ups

50x Jumping Squats

50x Sit Ups

50x Burpees

50x Sit Ups

Post times to comments.

Well here it is folks…last day and last WOD of 2009! What an incredible year it was for us. We opened our doors on January 12 2009. We had 3 people in our first class and 2 of them are still kicking ass with us…and the other one completed her goal of making it through the police academy and became a police officer!

Greg and Carly learning to Over Head Squat during our first week…now 40# lighter and WAY stronger Greg has a goal of Clean & Jerking 315# in 2010…and he’s absolutely going to crush it! (yes that is our gym!)

Greg now…yeah…CrossFit + hard work = big results (I think it was 225# OHS but I took the photo right after he came out of the bottom)!

There were some quiet nights in the beginning. I remember my wife Carly calling me up and telling me we had 8 people in class (including her and 2 of her friends) and how excited we were. I remember coming home and Carly and I would talk about how awesome it was that someone in our gym could do a sub 10-minute Fran or that some gals are only half a foot away from getting their first pull up! Wow we’ve come a long way!

One of our early afternoon WOD’s at the box. Both Simon (L) and Erik (C) are now CrossFit Level 1 Coaches and still crushing WOD’s at our gym!

Afternoon classes now!

We started with a couple barbells a few med balls some bumpers and two squat racks. We were short on pretty much everything…but we’ve been determined since day one to make this gym a place where people not only want to get in the best shape of their lives but a place where they’re comfortable to be a place where they’ll make unexpected life long friends a place where it’s 10pm at night and the last class finished 2 hours ago but people are still hanging out and doing stupid human tricks. Yeah maybe it’s cornier than I’m used to being but the strength of this gym really is in the community of our members. We haven’t done a lick of advertising and if you know me you know I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But we’ve got a gym full of people getting amazing results and won’t shut up about them to their friends and family.

Our first pieces of equipment…we ran classes with just this!

First stack of old mats…

Carly and I still smile when we think about how amazing it would be if we had 50 members by the end of our first year…it basically went along with having a flying car and world peace…you know other things that were pretty much beyond the realm of possibility. We’re now up to 125 current members and trying to find a bigger gym that can accommodate everyone! Still the part that catches us most off guard is the real life changes we’ve been able to help make (because ultimately YOU have to be the one to get your self there) and the unexpected friendships we’ve forged. Even when things get tough it’s not that tough because we know we have a whole community…a really really fit community behind us supporting us believing in us.

We’re incredibly thankful to have a group of awesome coaches helping us too! Thank you all for believing in our vision and helping make our dream a reality. It’s not a cliche because we literally couldn’t do this by ourselves.

This was screened on the surprise Birthday Cake that the gym got for me…seriously best cake EVER!

So here’s to 2010 and all the awesome things it’s going to bring. We’ve been so fortunate to have you all there with us along the way it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to do it without you. And for those of you that we’re about to meet this coming year…

What are you waiting for?