100101 – Friday

100101 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD:

Gym End of Year WOD!

‘Deck of Cards’

Spade: DB Push Press

Club: DB Squat Clean

Heart: V-Ups

Diamonds: ‘Plyo Burpees’ (Burpee with clapping pushup)

Turn each card over one at a time do the reps that correspond with that suit and card number. Face cards are worth 10 and unfortunately Aces are 11. Jokers are 400 meter run.

What a way to end the year and help start off a new one!

I kind of overshot the plyo burpees which turned into regular burpees. I had added up the reps as 1-10 making 55 of each but forgot there are 4 additional face cards plus an Ace…making each suit 105 reps…and yeah 105 plyo burpees alone is a finisher…and the squat cleans eventually became hang squat cleans…

The main point of this WOD wasn’t for time or AMRAP (for once!) but to end the year with the people who all make our lives better.

The New Year finally is HERE!!! We’re fully ready for everyone to get back in the gym…whether you’ve never been here before or it’s just been a long break. We now have 5 of our popular Level 1 CrossFit classes per week which are perfect for beginners or athletes who have been away for a bit.

We’ve expanded our evening class schedule to go from 5-9pm with classes starting every hour on the hour!

We’ve also streamlined our morning class! It’s now Monday Wednesday Friday from 6:30am – 7:15am. Get ya in and out of there quickly and hopefully beat that traffic!

Finally we’ve even got 2 classes on Sunday. One at 10 am with Coach Bonnie and another at 430pm with Coach Tyler.

So from early in the morning to late at night…every weekday at 1230pm….Saturdays and Sundays too we’ve got you covered!

All you need to do is show up. And show up again. And show up again!

It’s 2010 people and it’s TIME TO GET FIT!!!!

The ‘Deck’!

Nervousness before the last WOD of 2009.

Awesome job Frank & Joe!

Bonnie & Melina on another round of squat cleans! Great job ladies!

Trying to get full extension on the db squat cleans…but we also got an awesome butt shot! Score.

Just about the end..

The end! Amazing job everyone! Get ready for an even more amazing 2010!