100105 – Tuesday

100105 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD’s (Level 1 and All Levels)

‘The January Monthly  Challenge’


For time.

1000 meter row

50 Thrusters (45/33#)

30 Pull Ups

Post times to comments.

Jackie is our January monthly gym challenge. This means that we’re going to do this again in about 5 weeks and measure our improvement. If you weren’t in yesterday then Happy Hour on Friday is a great time to do this one. We had some great times yesterday gym record and then new gym record through out the day…so we’re very excited to see how much everyone improves this month!

It was also great to see a bunch of new and returning faces yesterday! If you’ve been on the fence and debating on whether you should get in/back in…the debate is OVER! Get in and get FIT!!!

[wpvideo 6f2kKZVm]

Courtesy CrossFit.com