100108 – Friday

100108 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD’s:

Level 1 CrossFit


Kipping and Kipping Pull Ups


15 Minute ‘Cindy’

15 Minute AMRAP

5x Pull Ups (or band pull ups or ring rows)

10x Push Ups (off toes or off knees)

15x Squats (Butt to medicine ball or to appropriately sized box)

Post rounds completed to comments.

All Levels CrossFit


Front Squat




DB ‘Clusters’ (Clusters are Squat clean into a Thruster: Sub just thrusters if you can’t clean yet)

Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Sub regular pull ups band pull ups or ring rows)

Deck Squats (roll onto your back then roll up into a squat: sub regular squats if you can’t do this…if you’re close do 2 regular squats for every deck squat)

DB Farmers walk to short corner & back (about 100 meters)

Post time and load to comments.

Pretty hard week so far I’ll be the first to admit it. But we were already aware of this and as you can tell by the WOD postings we’ve been prepared with lots of different scalings and substitutions for each movement to help you get through them properly and safely while staying on your new fitness goals.

When done properly CrossFitters should actually see a decrease in injury rates compared with any other type of fitness program or methodology. Although these movements may seem dangerous to people spending their entire lives buckled in to a machine that limits range of motion and trains unnatural movement we are training the movements for life…and in a very real way we are training for life.

It is our job as your coaches to teach you these movements step by step. Some days that may mean taking some weight off the bar so you keep your knees pointing the same direction as your toes while you squat or putting a band underneath your knees for pull ups to help you fully extend your arms at the bottom and clearly get your chin over the top of the bar.

The benefits we find from this approach are clear. Very soon the day comes where we’re actually putting extra weight on the bar because you’ve gotten so strong or taking off the training wheels because you’ve developed such an efficient pull up. Your attention to fundamentals are what builds the foundation for all the awesome CrossFit things that we want to do. If you can’t squat properly you’ll never reach your full potential on the Clean & Jerk or Over Head Squat. If you can’t kip good luck finishing a Benchmark WOD in under an hour let alone getting a muscle up.

But the best part about people who desire to workout properly and do CrossFit properly is that you can’t have an ego while you do this stuff! Eventually there’s going to be something that just humbles you. It might be your first day in…it might take a few years. But eventually that day is going to come and we know the approach to fix it. Scale the movement down or break it into smaller parts. The ability to humble yourself and get to work is going to have a lot to do with your ongoing success. It’s OK if you’ve got an ego…just be sure to check it at the door!

The amazing community of people this builds is second to none.

CrossFit is about ongoing success and results. CrossFit is not a quick fix or a fad. If you have had it with not getting the results you’ve wanted give us a call and we’ll help. We’ve got the coaches and community to help get you there.



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