100112 – Tuesday

100112 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD’s

Level 1 & All Levels

Skill: Review or Learn Medicine Ball Clean

WOD: ‘Hockey Night in America’

Level 1 = 7 Rounds

All Levels = 10 Rounds

For Max Reps

1 round =

30 Seconds Wall Ball

30 Seconds Med Ball Clean

2 Minutes Rest

Repeat for prescribed amount of rounds

Post Med Ball weight and total reps to comments.

Big thanks to Dinos who brought this awesome WOD with him from Vancouver! Up there they call it ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ and the moves are a tad different but I figured I’d change it because we don’t really understand hockey all that well anyways (icing? Nordic division? what?). And that is how Hockey Night in America was born.


Other big news….

We’re 1 Year Old today!

January 12 2009 WOD posting

You can click above for photos from our first day. We obviously didn’t do ‘Cindy’ that night…heck we didn’t even have a pull up cage! I think the WOD was something like do a push up and walk across the room for time.

I keep saying it and I keep hearing it from our members but wow we’ve come a long way! And we still have new members coming in every day ready to get CrossFit results with an awesome group of welcoming encouraging people. If you’re one of those people wanting to get started…wait no more….No More Excuses!

What’s better than 17 people learning the Medicine Ball Clean at our Level 1 CrossFit class?

The aftermath! Awesome effort last night everyone!