100119 – Tuesday

100119 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit


Back Squat



Tabata Mash Up

Pull Ups

KB Swings

Sit Ups


20 Seconds of Work 10 Seconds of rest. Rotate to the next station after each 20 seconds of work. Your score is the total reps combined from each interval. This workout should take 16 minutes with 32 intervals total.

Post score to comments.

All Levels CrossFit


Box Squat Dynamic Method

10-12 Sets 2 Reps per set 1 set per minute. Go up 5-10# from last Box Squat day. Be sure and move quickly when squatting off the box.



75 Snatches for time. (75/53#)

Post times and loads to comments.

Interesting Fact:

Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

Coach Tyler is explaining that the Snatch is very similar to playing the trombone.

Brooke seems focused but Eric seems skeptical in the background.

But it worked! Great job Brooke!

Next up how a kettlebell swing is just like making a sandwich. Yeah I have no idea either!

Great job Rane! And good luck on getting your Level 1 Cert this weekend in San Diego!

And they’re still able to smile after rocking the 1230pm WOD!

Awesome performance and improvement everyone.

We had new gym records for both men and women yesterday as well as a ton a ton of PR’s!

Even when we don’t snatch a little bit CrossFit strength and conditioning really will increase your work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Don’t believe me? Get on in and sweat with us and see for yourself!