100121 – Thursday

100121 – Thursday

Wednesday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit


Front Squat



15 Minute AMRAP


7x KB Swing

9x Squat

11x Sit Up

Post rounds completed and load to comments.

All Levels WOD:

A1. Front Squat 5 reps by  3 sets (5×3) Rest 1 Minute

A2. Chin Ups: 3 Strict/6 Kipping/9 Chest to Bar x 3 Sets Rest 2 Minutes

B. Unbroken SDLHP: 3 sets x 25 Reps rest 45 Seconds

C1. 15 Toes to Bar 1 minute rest 3 sets

C2. 15 Barbell Good Mornings 1 minute rest 3 sets

This is the entire workout. Go from A1 to A2 3 times (making the total 3 sets) then complete part B then complete C1 and C2  3 times total. Go back and forth between A1 and A2 same with C1 and C2.

Post load for front squat SDLHP and Barbell Good Mornings to comments as well as thoughts.

This was a very very different type of workout from what we normally do and I really loved it. It is based on a model from OPT’s training website (that is 2007 CrossFit Games original champion). It is really top notch programming and after that workout it was easy to tell why he is such a beast!

The workout necessitated a larger focus on technique…good luck getting 3 sets of 25 Sumo Deadlifts completed if your arms are bending early or your starting in a squat position.

This workout was also great because it wasn’t the traditional ‘metabolic conditioning’ that most come to expect from CrossFit. CrossFit trains everything you know…unknown and unknowable. But when you neglect the strength days and technique building days most people begin to experience some sort of diminishing return on their workout. As much as we’d like to think it’s not true it’s not possible to go 100% after ‘Fran’ or ‘Murph’ day in and day out. This workout wasn’t any less intense but that intensity should have been found in the form of improved attention on technique not necessarily flop on the floor once you yell out ‘time’.

Workouts like this will do a lot to improve your performance on those benchmarks though. Get ready to see more of this at our gym probably once to twice a week. Which days you might ask? Well…it IS still CrossFit people! Having different focuses in your training doesn’t make it any less constantly varied!

P.S. Awesome job on the ‘Unbroken’ Sumo Deadlift High Pulls! That was No Joke!!!