100122 – Friday

100122 – Friday

Thursday’s WOD’s

Level 1


Jump Rope skills and Double Unders

All Levels


Press Dynamic Method (aka Speed Day)

10 Sets 3 reps per set 1 set per minute.

Use 50% of 1RM but move the bar as quickly as possible. Try and use the force of your 1RM with 50% of that weight. Similar to a box squat do not bounce out of the bottom.

WOD for All Classes:

For Time.

20 Double Unders (sub 2 12″ barrier jumps i.e. parallettes for 1 DU)

-12/9/6 Burpees & Sit Ups (Do 12 Burpees first then 12 Sit Ups)

20 DU’s

-12/9/6 Pull Ups & Squats

20 DU’s

-12/9/6 Box Jumps & KB Swings (go as heavy as you can while still moving this quickly!)

20 DU’s

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Ok ok…this WOD split my lungs down the middle! I’m always on the look out for WOD’s that can do that…and I really had to look no further than Coach Tyler who wrote this one up a couple weeks ago. We tried it out and 6 minutes later we realized this WOD was able to give that elusive ‘Fran’ cough…then a few minutes after that we decided everyone else would get a taste this week! Everyone that did it yesterday got a pretty good idea of what we were talking about.

As for the dynamic method press and other Westside Barbell methodology I really can’t say it any better than then man Louie Simmons himself: click here for full article

“The dynamic method is sometimes referred to as speed work. There are some who think it is not necessary to work on speed. This is just one part of the total strength equation…

Let’s look at the purpose of the dynamic method or training with submaximal weights with maximal speed. This system builds a fast rate of force development. With bands and chains added it teaches one to accelerate and reduce bar deceleration. With the lighter weights one can control and perfect form.

The dynamic method was also used to replace a maximal effort method for those who could not handle a second high-intensity or 95% and above workout twice a week. If you do two extremely heavy workouts a week you can suffer the law of accommodation. This simply means if you handle the same loads and same training percents your performance will go backwards.

I look at weights as fast weights and slow weights not by the old fashioned terms “light” to build muscle mass and then later on “heavy” to build strength. Dr. Hatfield said no one can lift a heavy weight slow. Well said!”

Excerpts from the article ‘Dynamic Method’ by Louie Simmons retrieved at westside-barbell.com.

The full article has a lot more scientific back up to it but I thought I’d just a few parts and let the rest of you interested go there and check it out. I figured for most people JT is about as ‘maximal effort’ shoulder pressing WOD as would be anything else so the Dynamic Method would fit in nicely.

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Mark crushed it yesterday stepping up with the 70# KB Swing for the WOD! Awesome!