100123 – Sunday

Saturday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit





5 Rounds for time

5x Deadlift

10x Burpees

15x Sit Ups

Post load and time to comments.

All Levels CrossFit






20 Minute AMRAP

30 ‘Unbroken’ Wall Balls (20/15#)

30 ‘Unbroken’ Double Unders

Post load and scaling to comments.

-First scale the load then reps.

-Keep the reps the same for each movement if you scale.

-Any pause with the wall ball constitutes a break.

-Sub 3 to 1 single jumps for each double under for this work out only. Still they must be unbroken!

-Even 5 wall ball and 5 double unders is fine…just keep that technique spot on!

A very different WOD yet again. We are always searching for ways to push you different than the way¬† before. As you get stronger your weaknesses get smaller…but then those other weaknesses become even more important to your improvement.

Interesting Fact: Doesn’t get much more interesting than this…

Some of us got together for disco night roller skating:

Dang Adele! Looking HOT!!!

You too Pnutz you too…