Updates and Announcements!

Greetings CFHV’ers!

A couple of quick updates for the move:

Tuesday night will be our last night or working out at the 5120 N Lankershim box. With the amount of paint and repairs we have to do tonight and tomorrow on it the contractors said the fumes would be pretty nasty. So that means no class Wednesday.

We’re still off Thursday and Friday (Wednesday too) of this week as we finish prepping the 219 W. Palm Ave box. Trust me, 5,000 sq feet is a lot harder to get ready than our old place…but we’ve got AMAZING ‘Volts helping us out till nearly 4am! I just can’t imagine a Globo Gym having their members stay after and help them demo down old walls, rip up carpet, and paint.

We’re pretty much there all day long, so if you’ve got an hour or two to give, we could always use it.

If you wanna see what we’re up to this Saturday at 10am, come on by. We’ll show you the place, and go for a run in the hills after!

Sunday is our first official WOD at the biggest CrossFit gym in the Valley. WOD at 12pm, SuperBowl Party after. Direct TV is all hooked up, and the BBQ is coming, so it…is….ON!

All our best,

CrossFit High Voltage