100228 – Sunday

100228 – Sunday

Saturday’s WOD:

Level 1 CrossFit:


150 Push Press

200 KB Swings

250 Air Squats

Teams of 3. Only 2 can be working at any 1 time

All Levels


100 Laps Bear Crawl

200x Virtual Shoveling over 24″ barrier (45/25#)

300 Reverse Wall Ball

Teams of 3. Only 1 person per station at a time.

Great week of training everyone! We’re breaking in the new gym with some awesome WOD’s and some fun with the new toys (aka the Prowler!). See you all next week for more new stuff!

The new place is coming along…still lots of more things to do to keep making this place even more awesome…

Like part of our new lounge! Lift some weights cheer everyone on play some Rock Band lift some more weights push the Prowler climb a rope…