100302 – Tuesday

100302 – Tuesday

Monday’s WOD

Monthly Challenge:

“Prowler Push”

Push the Prowler across the parking lot 2x (down and back down and back). Sure it doesn’t seem like much…but it pretty much adds up to the worst 30-45 seconds of your life.

Men: 45# plate on each side. Women: 25# plate on each side.


Level 1 = 15 minute AMRAP

All Levels = 20 Minute AMRAP

Double Under

Sit Up

Push Up


Round 1 do 1 of each movement. Round 2 do 2 of each. Keep going up in order until the AMRAP is over. Post highest round completed to comments.

Coach Tom proves that anyone can do CrossFit…even if you’re missing your legs!

Great job yesterday everyone! I think Monday was our busiest (and best) day ever at the gym! Tons of people getting their results on and starting March off right!

This March we have tons of Big Announcements coming up! CFHV is stepping up our game with some awesome new programs. Get ready? Ever Ready!