New Programs!

Greetings Volts and Vixens!

We have a couple BIG announcements for everyone.

You’ve asked for them…now they’re here.

CrossFit High Voltage is proud to announce that we will be offering 2 Specialty Programs and a new Nutritional Challenge at our gym!

Please welcome

The High Voltage Powerlifting Club

The High Voltage Endurance Club

Each Specialty Program will begin as an 8 week intro course with limited enrollment and individualized programming.

Upon completion of the course each member will have the option to continue ongoing specialty classes.

Each Specialty class is taught by a CFHV Coach with additional Specialty Certifications for their program.

Why Specialty Classes?

-Want to train for a Marathon or Triathlon, but without the countless hours it takes each week using ‘traditional’ training methods?

Pose Running Method and Interval Training methods can increase your anaerobic and aerobic capacity for long-term work capacity, dramatically shortening the amount of time you have to train for marathons and triathlons!

-Want to get STRONG, increase your lifts, and be able to do workouts “As Rx’d”?

Heavy and Dynamic Barbell and Accessory methods developed by the famous Westside Barbell Method to create the top Powerlifters in the world. Get strong, and get strong now!

-The Endurance Course will lead up to a Running Event: 10K, ½, or Full Marathon.

-The Powerlifting Course will lead up to a CrossFit Total Event.

Just $150 for each full 8-week course, and can be paid in 2 payments. Contact Carly at the gym for more information, or email