100316 – Tuesday


Our New Powerlifting Course and Endurance Course are here, as well as our next Nutritional Challenge are ready!

Our next Nutritional Challenge, a 60 day Nutritional Challenge will start Monday, April 5.

-We will have pre-Challenge meetings, a buddy system, movie viewings (think Food, Inc.) and a Paleo BBQ to help kick it off.

-There will be a nominal buy in to the Challenge. The male and female overall winners will be judged by the rest of the competitors, based on their overall improvements in body composition and workouts, logbook keeping (yes, you will be keeping logbooks!) as well as other attributes. Plus, the winners get a piece of the pot!

Looking to get a head start on the Nutritional Challenge? Visit www.paleoblocks.com!

Our Specialty Classes are also ramped up and ready to go! We will start the Powerlifting Course in early April, and the Endurance Course later in April. Both will provide specific training with a qualified Coach, and well as individualized training plans in these areas.

They are $150 each for current CFHV members, or $200 for non-members. The full schedule will be announced tomorrow. Be sure and register soon, as space is limited.

Finally…we are going to be fielding an Affiliate Team for the Affiliate Cup on May 8 & 9 in Irvine!!! We are very excited about being a part of this fun event.

To celebrate, we will be hosting an In-House CrossFit competition on Sunday, April 18. Everyone is invited to come and play/compete! We will have several WOD’s for those wanting to test themselves. Some people may only want to try one or 2 of them, some may want to try all 3. Mark your calendars now, because we want you there!

Monday’s WOD’s

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Med Ball Clean



Med Ball Clean

Push Ups

Post time to comments.

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Thruster

9-15-21 “Unbroken”

Do each set unbroken with the same weight. Try to use at least your ‘Fran’ weight, if not more!


WOD 2A from the SoCal Sectionals

4 Rounds for time:

9x Squat Cleans (135/95#)

Run ~40 Meters

6x Hand Stand Push Ups

Run ~ 40 Meters

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